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Ron Auer

Executive Director

Ron Auer serves as Executive Director of CORPaTH, an alliance of trustees, consultants, asset managers, administrators, elected officials and professionals overseeing pension assets for the benefit of working men and women who earn and deserve a secure retirement. We work to perpetuate, protect, and expand defined-benefit pension plans, and to advocate responsible investment strategies within these funds, globally.

Ron’s professional experience includes extensive institutional investment management, strategy development, advisory, consulting and related communications.

He has spoken on investment strategy, ESG and investment process, workers’ capital, and related topics at universities and conferences, including the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, the Institutional Investor Education Foundation (IIEF), and others in the U.S., Sweden, The World Bank, and at the Saban Center of the Brookings Institute in Qatar.

Ron has participated in programs at the Kennedy School of Government  (Behavioral Finance), Harvard University, The Millstein Center for Corporate Governance and Performance, Yale School of Management, the Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project, Harvard Law School, and the Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics, University of London, Birkbeck.

He served as co-chairman of the Coalition to Defend America’s Working Families and as chairman of the Committee to Support America’s Workers. Ron is a Director, Analytic Investors LLC, Los Angeles, California.