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Hassan Yussuff

Canadian Labour Congress
Hassan Yussuff brings a record of remarkable achievements to his new role as President of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). Yussuff was elected in May 2014 as the first person of colour to lead the country’s labour movement, winning a mandate for change to increase activism in response to the challenges facing unions. And Yussuff is committed to working together for fairness – in the workplace and Canadian society, from retirement security for all, to good jobs, to protecting public health care, and creating a national child care program.

Coming to Canada from Guyana at 16 years old, Yussuff was a heavy truck mechanic but quickly became plant chair after just 3 meetings. He went on to senior positions in Unifor – formerly known as the Canadian Auto Workers. Yussuff was elected as an Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Labour Congress in 1999, followed by four terms as Secretary-Treasurer. Yussuff is also respected internationally, serving as president of the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas, representing over 50 million workers in 29 countries. The CLC is the voice of Canada’s labour movement, representing 3.3 million workers.